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Schwap is like a bridge that's fast-tracking my career journey. In a matter of weeks, I've gained insights into market research and community outreach. If you're looking for a transformative career experience, don't hesitate - join Schwap.

Meera H.

Legal Studies

As an aspiring founder, the invaluable experiences I seek are those that involve working closely with other founders. Schwap has been instrumental in linking me with two remarkable founders.

Guglielmo F

Mechanical Engineering

Fast track your career with Schwaps

Schwap projects are fast, intensive, and designed to challenge you to contribute meaningfully to a real business problem.

You’ll be rewarded with hands-on experience and the results to show for it!

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Access 1-on-1 mentorship, resources, and referrals

With each project, you’ll get to expand your network with top-tier founders, learn from their experience, and understand how to take a project from 0→1.

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What we’re looking for

We need students who can commit not only the time, but the energy and effort to see projects through to the end.
Passion to Learn
We don’t expect loads of experience, but we definitely need to see initiative, responsibility, and a drive to make things happen.
Skills and Interests
What experiences do you bring to the table? They don’t need to be advanced: we just want to know where you’re coming from so we can match you to the right opportunities.
Frequent questions


What is Schwap?

Schwap is a community marketplace where handpicked and vetted uni students do mini projects for top-tier founders in exchange for hands-on experience, compensation, mentorship, referrals, and real career capital.

How long is a Schwap?

Schwap is a mini-project that usually lasts 3 to 12 weeks. The duration of the project is determined by the founders who provide you with clear expectations and specifications.

Are Schwaps paid?

This varies based on the project and will depend on skill, complexity, and other factors. You’ll get to discuss your expectations with us in the interview so we can make sure everyone is aligned.

Regardless, Schwaps are always based on mutual exchange of value. We believe that the best relationships start with a completed project where both sides can learn and evaluate the potential of working together. Once completed, founders can extend a part or full-time offer.

How can I join?

You can join Schwap by registering your interest an signing-up to our platform! Only university students can join now.

How does the mentorship work?

You will have a dedicated time each week with the founder to discuss your career and learn from their experience. Our founders have tons of industry and business experience from leading teams to navigating job search and it’s all for you to tap in and learn from.

What happens after a Schwap?

After the Schwap is completed, we ask the founders to complete a recommendation for you to include in your portfolio. However, this doesn’t mean the work has to stop. You can continue working together on terms you both agree to 👍

Can I refer a friend?

100%! Just hit them up with the link to the website and have them apply.


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